Avatar Salad on Odyssey

The Second Front were busy on the Odyssey Simulators this week preparing a new piece for the University of Wichita’s At A Distance Exhibit, coming up next month.

Here are a few shots from “Virtual Proposition for Alison Knowles #1 – Make an Avatar Salad”, based on an Alison Knowles event score/performance called “Proposition #2 – Make A Salad”, with Liz Solo, Bibbe Hansen, Patrick Lichty and Phreek Fargis.

Second Front Video Release

Pokémon-A-Go-Go – by Second Front

We are happy to release the latest video from Second Front. The machinima was shot on our simulators at Odyssey and then edited at the Black Bag Media Collective studio. Congratulations to Second Front on another fine production.

About Pokémon-A-Go-Go

What happens when the Pokémon turn?

Years of torment and domination have led to an uprising. While humans have been busy playing — Pokémon have been busy training! Awake! It is a new dawn for Pokémon! Downtrodden and abused creatures of the World — UNITE!


Pikachu – Liz Solo, Purrloin – Bibbe Hansen, Mew – Patrick Lichty,  Umbreon – Yunji Kim Yohanning
With: Phreek Fargis, Yael Gilks, Zesstar Zaymed, Hybrid Fusion, Ruri Rio Mihashi and SaveMe Oh.
Special appearances by: Razzbowski and PewDiePie/Beast Master 64

Second Front creates theatres of the absurd that challenge notions of virtual embodiment, online performance and the formation of virtual narrative.

Machinima shot and edited by Liz Solo

Make Muskrat Right

The Black Bag Media Collective are in full support of the Land Protectors and Hunger Strikers currently engaged in a fight for the lives, land and culture. Muskrat Falls – a disastrous hydroelectic power project in Labrador, Canada – is now threatening the residents of the area with Methylmercury poising and landslides. “Everything Is Leaking” – a look at this week’s events surrounding the crisis at Muskrat Falls, by the BBMC’s Liz Solo – is an offering of support and solidarity and a tool to spread information about what is happening here right now. Please share. More to come.

Best viewed in full screen with speakers up loud.

The video was released in a exclusive Independent article that can be read here:
Muskrat Falls Resistance Inspires Powerful New Music Video

The Black Bag Media Collective support the four demands of the Land Protectors as outlined by the Make Muskrat Right campaign:

1 Fully clear the future Muskrat Falls reservoir area of wood, brush, vegetation, and topsoil before flooding to mitigate as much as possible increases in methyl mercury exposures for downstream Inuit populations, building on recommendation 4.5 of the Lower Churchill EA panel. Until full clearing is carried out, Muskrat Falls reservoir flooding must not be allowed.

2 Negotiate an Impact Management Agreement with the Nunatsiavut Government to the satisfaction of all parties before Muskrat Falls reservoir flooding and subsequent adverse downstream impacts occur, consistent with recommendation 13.9 of the Lower Churchill EA Panel.

3 Establish an independent Expert Advisory Committee of recognized experts, including from the academic community, to advise on mitigation measures and the design and audit of a rigorous, credible, and predictive monitoring program related to downstream impacts of Muskrat Falls using the best available scientific and Inuit knowledge.

4 Grant Inuit joint decision-making authority over downstream environmental monitoring and management of Muskrat Falls through the creation of an Environmental Management Board, to which the Expert Advisory Committee on monitoring would report.

for more information see: http://www.makemuskratright.ca

To keep up to date on events surrounding the Land protectors at Muskrat Falls this Facebook Page is very useful

The Independent on Facebook

For some background on this situation please see our slice-up: Danny Williams Speaking on Muskrat Falls:

Pokemon A-Go-Go

lizpatSecond Front have been busy this month on Odyssey preparing for an upcoming world premiere performance of Pokemon A-Go-Go.

What happens when the Pokemon revolt? Come to the performance and find out! Stay tuned here for details of dates and times.

About the Artists

Second Front is the pioneering performance art group in based in online avatar-based VR worlds. Founded in 2006, Second Front includes Doug Jarvis (Victoria), Patrick Lichty (Chicago), Liz Solo (St. Johns), Bibbe Hansen (New York), Yael Gilks (London) and Scott Kildall (San Francisco). Second Front creates theatres of the absurd that challenge notions of virtual embodiment, online performance and the formation of virtual narrative. They have already performed extensively, including in Vancouver, Chicago, New York, and been featured in publications including SLate, Eikon, Realtime Arts (Australia), The Avastar (published by Axel-Springer, Germany) and most recently in Exibart (Italy).


Call for Installations for Craft World

Call for Installations and Performances

odylogofinalOur online collective at the Odyssey Simulators has opened a new sim in Craft World and we are looking for installations to present in the Fall of 2016 and throughout 2017. These installations will run for four month periods at Odyssey on Craft.

We are seeking work related to themes involving The Future, Dystopian Visions of Society, Cyberpunk Culture, Surveillance Culture, Steampunk Culture and/or Transhumanism. We are offering 10,000 prims (negotiable) on a quarter sim space at Odyssey on Craft. Projects containing a performance element are welcomed.

Proposals can be sent to odysseyartssl@yahoo.ca with CRAFT INSTALLATION as the subject heading. Proposals can be simple and need only include an artists biography or CV and a brief description of the installation you would like to create. Feel free to include any other information such as special technical requirements or relevant links.

DEADLINE: September 01, 2016

For instructions on finding Odyssey on Craft World or any other inquiries please contact us at: odysseyartssl@yahoo.ca


BBMC in Toronto

toronto-locationThe Black Bag Media Collective is growing! After a year of exploratory research, including BBMC members attending multiple residencies in Toronto, we have decided to open a second sister studio in the City of Toronto. Details of exactly where and when are being finalized and will be announced soon.

Our BBMC Toronto studio will offer studio space to our Toronto members and be the launching pad for a series of amazing new projects to be announced in 2017. We are very excited to be expanding into new territory and to offering greater exposure and opportunities for our artists. Stay tuned here for the latest news.

Don’t worry! Our St. John’s studio will remain active for our NL based members and both studios will be collaborating on our upcoming projects.

Something Old, Something New

The BBMC release two videos to the Internet today – The first is a documentary from our archives – Circa 2003, St. John’s, featuring the very first Rock School for Girls. Created by Liz Solo (Pickguard) Rhiannon Thoma and Cherie Pyne Rock School for Girls is an open access skills sharing initiative for women and girl who play or want to play rock music. The release of this video is part of the BBMC Archiving Project, stay tuned to this site for more releases from the vault.

Also today we released (with Roles 4 Women) the very first episode of TrixXxie’s new comedy web series, starring Tallulah Fucque, Marilyn Monroe Take-Out and Scarlet O’Whora with special guest appearances. Co-produced by Roles 4 Women and The BBMC and premiered at this year’s TrixXxieFest.