Make Muskrat Right

The Black Bag Media Collective are in full support of the Land Protectors and Hunger Strikers currently engaged in a fight for the lives, land and culture. Muskrat Falls – a disastrous hydroelectic power project in Labrador, Canada – is now threatening the residents of the area with Methylmercury poising and landslides. “Everything Is Leaking” – a look at this week’s events surrounding the crisis at Muskrat Falls, by the BBMC’s Liz Solo – is an offering of support and solidarity and a tool to spread information about what is happening here right now. Please share. More to come.

Best viewed in full screen with speakers up loud.

The video was released in a exclusive Independent article that can be read here:
Muskrat Falls Resistance Inspires Powerful New Music Video

The Black Bag Media Collective support the four demands of the Land Protectors as outlined by the Make Muskrat Right campaign:

1 Fully clear the future Muskrat Falls reservoir area of wood, brush, vegetation, and topsoil before flooding to mitigate as much as possible increases in methyl mercury exposures for downstream Inuit populations, building on recommendation 4.5 of the Lower Churchill EA panel. Until full clearing is carried out, Muskrat Falls reservoir flooding must not be allowed.

2 Negotiate an Impact Management Agreement with the Nunatsiavut Government to the satisfaction of all parties before Muskrat Falls reservoir flooding and subsequent adverse downstream impacts occur, consistent with recommendation 13.9 of the Lower Churchill EA Panel.

3 Establish an independent Expert Advisory Committee of recognized experts, including from the academic community, to advise on mitigation measures and the design and audit of a rigorous, credible, and predictive monitoring program related to downstream impacts of Muskrat Falls using the best available scientific and Inuit knowledge.

4 Grant Inuit joint decision-making authority over downstream environmental monitoring and management of Muskrat Falls through the creation of an Environmental Management Board, to which the Expert Advisory Committee on monitoring would report.

for more information see:

To keep up to date on events surrounding the Land protectors at Muskrat Falls this Facebook Page is very useful

The Independent on Facebook

For some background on this situation please see our slice-up: Danny Williams Speaking on Muskrat Falls:

TrixXxie at Festival of New Dance

12113390_698323463603082_8889284737215725059_oTrixXxie closed out this year’s Festival of New Dance at The Space on Harbour Drive. It was a wonderful week of intensive workshops, incredible performances and open discussions about dance, performance and process. Roles 4 Women’s Liz Solo and Jenny Naish participated in kickass workshops by Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Trentham (Butoh Voice) and Tedd Robinson (Balancing Objects). The after show talks facilitated by Lois Brown were informative and fun, a great experience to be able to talk to visiting artists about their work and process.

Liz and Jenny were also stoked to be recruited into the improvisational piece 25/25/25, created and facilitated by Anne Troake – presented on the Friday Night of the festival at the the LSPU Hall. Performers were given 25 minutes to choose a prop and come up with a 25 second choreography on the spot. A fun, spontaneous night of creativity and laughs, reminiscent of the “good old days” at the Hall.

12068505_698517580250337_8777791549727484604_oOn Saturday Night TrixXxie got all dolled up and rocked the heck out of Wonderbolt’s The Space for the FND Closing Night party. Thanks to Wallace Hammond for the great sound (as always) and Vic Tilley for overseeing the tech. It was great to work in a new space in the city and everyone at The Space and NDW were dreamboats to work with.

Congrats to Calla Lachance and Neighbourhood Dance Works – you did it again – once again presenting a top notch, accessible and exciting festival. Festival of New Dance is a highlight of Roles 4 Women’s year, every year.

Keep up the great work and we can’t wait for 2016.

Here are a few images of people having fun the event, taken by NDW photographer

The Sauce debut EP and Video

sauceThe BBMC has teamed up with Baygirl Music to produce the debut EP from The Sauce.

This three piece rock band is another new effort from BBMC members – this time from Colleen Power, Liz Solo and Mike Kean. The band will be creating multiple videos for the new release and debuted the first one today. Dumb Piece of Meat is available to watch on YouTube and the whole EP is now downloadable on Bandcamp.

The Overcast did some grand coverage of the video release here: The Sauce on The Sauce

The Sauce will be playing a show to celebrate the release on Friday September 26, 204 at The Levee in St John’s.


TrixXxieFest Schedule

SONY DSCphoto by Eugene Leger

Check out the schedule for the upcoming TRIXXXIEFEST WEEKEND!
JUNE 12 – 15, 2014
Stand Up Comedy at Scanlan’s Lounge
Cocktail Hour 9 PM
hosted by Comedienne Extraordinaire
Amanda Batten
Featuring the comedy stylings of: Colleen Power, Liz Solo, Amanda Batten, Sweater Kittens
With Musical Guests: Sam Burke, Danielle Trouble, Erin Simms , Jenny Naish

Rock Show at Distortion – 10:30 PM
2 AM – The Sauce
1 AM – The River
Midnight – Category VI
11 PM – Trixxxie

Rock Show at The Ship – 10:30 PM
1:30 AM – Uneeda
12:30 AM – Trixxxie
11:30 PM – DT and the Dinosaurs
10:30 PM – Allie Duff and The Happy Campers

Pop-Up Supper and Screening – 8 PM
hosted by Trixxxie
Stay tuned for announcement

All bar shows are $10 at the door

Read Artist Biographies here – Roles 4 Women Theatre Company


The Black Bags Release Show



The Black Bag Media Collective is proud to announce the long awaited, much anticipated full length album release from St. John’s’ own rock/punk/rock band The Black Bags (Liz Solo, Mike Kean, Marcel Levandier).

Produced by Jody Richardson (Pathological Lovers, Fur Packed Action) and Grant King (Pathological Lovers) the album is coming out on CD and on Vinyl and features 11 songs described by Damian Lethbridge of the as “track after track of pure rock goodness”.

Join The Black Bags and their Stellar Lineup at the Official Release Show:

11 PM $10
Special appearances by AMY JOY and GRANT KING

Both Vinyl and CD copies of the album will be available at the show. Until the release date the full album can be streamed and downloaded for FREE on Bandcamp:

“…Their much anticipated, self-titled debut was recorded this year by Jody Richardson and Grant King of Pathological Lovers, and it sounds absolutely stunning. Beautifully produced and mixed, the record fuses the grungy sound of the early to mid-nineties St. John’s scene with more modern pop-punk sensibilities, a combination I absolutely love…..

Another great element of The Black Bags sound is the trade off of vocal duties between Liz and Marcel. Although the two alternate as lead singers, its when they come together on tracks such as “Never Get Enough” and “Everything is Leaking” that they really shine. From the crisp drums and stuttering bass line of opener “Kelowna Rocks”, The Black Bags come out swinging and plow through track after track of pure rock goodness.”
Damian Lethbridge

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