Second Front Video Release


December 14, 2016 by archivist

Pokémon-A-Go-Go – by Second Front

We are happy to release the latest video from Second Front. The machinima was shot on our simulators at Odyssey and then edited at the Black Bag Media Collective studio. Congratulations to Second Front on another fine production.

About Pokémon-A-Go-Go

What happens when the Pokémon turn?

Years of torment and domination have led to an uprising. While humans have been busy playing — Pokémon have been busy training! Awake! It is a new dawn for Pokémon! Downtrodden and abused creatures of the World — UNITE!


Pikachu – Liz Solo, Purrloin – Bibbe Hansen, Mew – Patrick Lichty,  Umbreon – Yunji Kim Yohanning
With: Phreek Fargis, Yael Gilks, Zesstar Zaymed, Hybrid Fusion, Ruri Rio Mihashi and SaveMe Oh.
Special appearances by: Razzbowski and PewDiePie/Beast Master 64

Second Front creates theatres of the absurd that challenge notions of virtual embodiment, online performance and the formation of virtual narrative.

Machinima shot and edited by Liz Solo


One thought on “Second Front Video Release

  1. […] It’s great to be a part of a collective. I have the best luck in that regard and can boast about being a member of several amazing artist collectives – three of which came together to produce and present this latest machinima. Pokemon-A-Go-Go was created by Second Front – an online collective of media artists working around the world via the Internet. The machinima was shot on the Odyssey Simulators – an online workspace maintained by an International collective of artists and the video was edited in the studio at The Black Bag Media Collective – a Newfoundland and Labrador/Toronto based collective of artists working across disciplines. Read more about Pokemon-A-Go-Go on the BBMC Website […]

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