The Mask

Images from the most recent performance of The Mask: a synchronicity by Jo Ellsmere. This is an amazing piece for three avatars – many agree it is one of the most sophisticated and lovely performances to ever grace the environments of Second Life. The Mask: a synchronicity uses movement, music and prose to express the theme of the poem The Mask by Carmen Auletta. This performance featured Jo Ellsmere, Kai Steamer and Liz Solo. An audience of over fifty avatars attended.

This performance was a fundraising event for the Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator. The Black Bag Media Collective is a proud member and sponsor of Odyssey – an artist-run sim.

Flick Harrison at the BBMC

An enthusiastic audience braved a blizzard to come out and see the screening of work by Vancouver artist Flick Harrison. This even was the first in a series of exchanges between artists working in communities at oppostite ends of the country. Shortly after the Black Bag Media Collective screened Flick’s work the Something Collective in Vancouver screened Liz Solo’s work. After each screening the artists gave a Q and A via Skype.

A favorite of the night was “War Torn Man” – a music video for the song by Rodney Decroo. Flick explained afterwards that many of the effects are hand drawn in Photoshop.

War Torn Man from Flick Harrison on Vimeo.

Here are a couple of pics of Flick’s Skype chat. With some tech minded people present the discussion settled on technical aspects, including changes to Final Cut Pro and a discussion of whether the new FCP interface is more accessible or amounts to a dumbing down of the program. 

BBMC Partay

A few pics from out most recent BBMC Studio party. Online media demonstrations and live performances by Jordan Young, Neil Conway, Kristina Murphy, Steve Abbott, Liz Solo and Marcel Levandier.